The three acres of rough ground behind the house has had trees planted a few years ago . Mountain Ash , Beech , Sycamore etc. Unfortunately due to the big woolly things below they have been Bonzied . We are managing to keep them out now and even over the last few weeks the trees are recovering . With a variety of conditions on the land , dry areas (very few) , bog , old walls , ponds and very wet patches , we hope to be able to grow a range of plants . Water lillies , ferns
Bullrushes , winter heathers to complelement the existing well
established heathers and bushes. We are now working on the
land and garden but it is nice just to walk on the top with the
views of the outer isles to the west ; MacLeods Tables
to the east , and the whole of Glendale before you .

Amazingly sheep have little to do with crofting . Crofters were cleared off the land to make way for sheep . The amount of damage one sheep can do to trees and gardens is incredible .
Below is a picture of dwarf Contoneaster created by wind & sheep . It is said that as their tails got shorter their brains got smaller .

The Outer Hebridese are just about visible on what was not the best of days . Below left is all that remains of an old stone wall now covered by heathers . This wall
carries on almost to MacLeods
Tables which today were covered in thick mist .

© Terry Wilding

Holmisdale House